Monday, February 9, 2009

Jim Crow =(

Today in class we learned about Jim Crow. Jim Crow laws are laws that the black people had to follow back in the 1960's. Black people were really affected by Jim Crow. White people could do anything to them like hit them, make them go to jail and even kill them. Connecting from what I learned before I think that Malcolm X is against Jim Crow just like the rest of the black people.

Langston Hughes was a black poetry author. When Langston Hughes was growing up life was really hard because Jim Crow was going on. Today In class I read a poem from him called:
Merry-Go-Round (Colored Child at Carnival). I think like is easier now than it was before in around 1930 because now there is not much discrimination/racism, colored people sometimes don't get along with white people now but before it was worst then now. Now black people have the same rights as white not like when Langston Hughes was growing up Black didn't have right almost for anything.

I hate Jim Crow. I think people should be treated the same no matter the color. Color is nothing the inside is what matters. Whats wrong with black or white people? Nothing, we are all human and the same from the inside to the outside. I'm happy Jim Crow stopped because if we still had that I would not be happy because I am not white and I would have been treated wrong. I just have to say: stop racism and start liking everyone because WE ARE ALL THE SAME.