Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poem: Racism

Racism Wave.
Racism, Racism, Racism
A word that shouldn't exist.
Racism is like a strong wave that pushes colored people away.
White people are the Waves.
And colored people are pushed away.
Is not about Color
Is who You are
Racism is the most hated thing.
Racism is like The things I hate.
The Racism wave should be pushed away
Instead Of it pushing us away.

This poem is about Racism. It explains how I think Racism is (a wave). Today In class we learned about Similes and Metaphor. This month is history month so we are often talking about Racism. My poem Contains Similes and Metaphors. My similes compare Racism to some things. My Poem also includes Metaphors that also compare Racism.

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