Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trip to The Native American Museum!

Yesterday, Monday 16, 2009 we went to The Native American museum. This trip was the best trip ever! After we went Inside, since we had to pass through scanning every got mad and stared saying "Oh my god, I thought we were one a trip not school!"After that we waited until everyone was done passing through scanning. Then we put a stuff in some colorful boxes. Next we went inside a place. An actual Native American taught us about Native American Culture. The story about mask were so weird we almost got scared but still it was kind of cool. After we when over some stations we went to see the clothes/dressed woman used to wear, It was very fun. After seeing the dresses we went to a room and showed several stuff like, puzzles, how they used to bead, etc. After that we went to the park to eat. After eating my friends and I played throwing the football. After we waited for the other classed then we went to another park. My friends, my teacher, and I went to see the Statue of Liberty from far away, It was beautiful. In our way there we sat and saw street performers perform. They were hilarious. This trip was the most fun trip ever!

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