Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Best Trip EVER!

Yesterday the whole 7th grade went to Lake Compounce. This place was located in Bristol, Connecticut. We left at around 8:30. To get on the bus it took us like an hour. While getting there we were taking pictures, talking, listening to music, and planning what we were going to ride. The trip was the BEST trip ever!!!
To get there we took like around 2 hours and 30 minutes in the bus. I felt really excited because I couldn't wait to get there and go on the rides!

When we arrived to the park my friends and I had to wait for our teacher to give us the tickets, we were all desperate and bored. When I saw the park I just wanted to go in and see all the cool stuff they had! . I was on Ms. Sa's group with Heidi, Meily, Carolyn, and Larolyn.
The first ride me and my friends went on was Ghost Hunt. The other rides I went on were: Bumper cars, Giant Wheel, and Zoomers GAS N' GO. My favorite ride was Ghost hunting because It was crazy, we were screaming and having fun! The ride that I disliked the most was Zoomers GAS N' GO because it was short and dumb. When we went on Ghost hunting me and Larolyn were together screaming like crazy! It was hilarious. In the Giant Wheel Ms. Horan And Ms. Sa came with us it was pretty fun. To eat I ordered Chicken tenders and fries. The food wasn't that expensive and it was good.

The last ride we went on was American Fliers. I didn't go but my friends did. Beside rides another things i did was walk around, take pictures, go on the stores. I bought myself a little bracelet and I bought Carolyn a brush tattoo. The bus ride home was boring everyone was sick and it was all horrible. I was sleeping on my way back when I woke up I was talking to my friends. I loved everything about Lake Compounce! I wish I could go back again but it is too far ):

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