Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Family!♥

My family is the thing in this world I LOVE the most in this entire world. My mom is like the best she's always there for me, if I do something wrong she helps me and tells me what I did wrong and should not do it again. My dad is amazing if I get low grades he makes me work hard and guess what? I get 100 in my tests ,work and quizzes! I love my dad he always there for me in anything! My sister she always make me laugh when I feel down or sad , she makes really funny jokes that make laugh to death! She rocks out loud! My brother is like the BEST, he always making my day completely AWESOME! He rocks out loud! Me, I totally love myself hehehe, I am very smart and really nice to people. I'm always there for the one that needs help no matter what. I love My WHOLE Family including Me! hehehehe!


Ms. Sa e-portfolio said...

Carla- You are so adorable. I love having you in my class. You are a great student!! Love, Ms. Sa

mr. ackerman said...

Its great to see what a good relationship that you have with your family, even your brother and sister.
Keep blogging.

Mr. Ackerman