Tuesday, November 18, 2008


One cold Autumn morning Heidi was walking to school with her friends Carolyn and Carla. The three friends arrived to school and sat to listen to Ms.Bentley's "Do Now" "
Today we have to do a report about a Character on our book" said Ms. Bentley, "Tell me some character traits about the character you picked from your book" Ms. Bentley explained.
Heidi Started to her work quietly."Jonathan" was the baddest child in class, so he decided to trow a marker to "Heidi" to distracted her. The marker flew trough the air and it opened then
landed right on Heidi's Favorite Sweater. "NOOOO!" Heidi Exclaimed, Who Through that? "Heidi" Screamed. "I did" said the baddest kid in class, "Jonathan". Why? Heidi said? "Because,
I wanted to said Jonathan proudly. "Okay!, be quiet both of you. " Ms. Bentley said trying to teach a lesson. While Ms.Bentley was teaching the lesson,"Ringgggg!"
the bell rang for lunch we all lined up and went to lunch. "Let's go outside" Carolyn said " "I'm not eating today" Said Carla "Let's go" said Carolyn. Carla and
Carolyn went outside and Heidi stayed to eat some lunch.

Minutes Passed and Heidi as still eating some lunch inside the cafeteria. "I should make up something to revenge" Heidi tough. "I'm going outside to push him
so that his pants can get dirty and he can feel ho bad it feels to mess up something you really like" she thought more. Heidi went outside to make up her revenge to her ruined sweater.
"BUUMMP!" "Jonathan" fell on the ground. "Why did you push me?" Jonathan screamed angrily. There's where Heidi and Jonathan stated to discuss and scream really loud
the made such a commotion. Everyone came running to see them discuss and scream, Everyone but not Carla or Carolyn, Heidi's best friends."Oh my god!", "look
Carolyn" said Carla surprised. Carla, Carolyn and Heidi were best friends so Carla and Carolyn had to help her friend. "Let's get a teacher fast!" Carolyn said running
to go inside the school, Carla followed her to help her get a teacher for help.

Carolyn and Carla ran upstairs to get a teacher as fast as they could. "Ms. Bentley, Ms Bentley!" Carolyn screamed " Heidi and Jonathan are discussing outside! Carla screamed. "Oh no!"
said Ms. Bentley surprised,so Carla, Carolyn, and Ms. Bentley ran to the yard to separate Heidi and Jonathan from fighting. In their way down Ms. Bentley though about what happened in
class that morning, so she thought that she already knew what the discussing was all about." What were you two thinking?, you two making commotions is not going to help you solve your
problems" said Ms. Bentley. Jonathan and Heidi where really sad and disappointed of what they had done, so they both said sorry to each other and since that day Jonathan never bullied a girl again.

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mr. ackerman said...

WOW, what a great story. Maybe one day I can be a character in a story you write.