Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Hard Life

I am from Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. I love my country! Dominican Republic is a country where people is working really hard to get money for their family. I feel so sad and bad for them. Before i used to live there and it wasn't easy. My dad and mom worked really hard, they were always tired of working for only a little bit of money that couldn't afford almost anything. I was so sad of seeing them working to hard for just a little money. I wished i could have helped them but I couldn't because I was just a little girl since then. Now i am happy that i am in the USA it still almost the same thing, my parents have to work so hard to get my siblings and me some money so that we can eat and get clothing. I wish i could help my family some way and not be so poor as we are. I wish i had a lot of money to give to my family and make them happy..... *Sigh* I wish...


mr. ackerman said...

Hi Carla,

While you may not be able to help out your family with money right now, I am pretty sure that they are happy to have such a sweet and smart girl as their daughter.

Mr. Ackerman

Carla said...

Thank you!!! :]