Sunday, December 7, 2008

"They Cage The Animals At Night".

In class we are reading a book called "They Cage The Animals At Night". This book is about a boy named Jennings that has a really hard life. He was left in an orphanage because of his mother illness with only 4 words, "I'll be right back". Poor Jennings had to go to different Orphanages and live the life the hard way. Jennings even had to go with a family (The Carpenters) where he was cursed at and he couldn't even eat or sleep well. Jennings meets a friends but when he leaves them a new story comes up. Jennings is never by himself because he always has his special stuffed dog called "Doggie". Doggie is his only friend that actually is always with him to fight trough all the bad stuff he is being trough. In my opinion I think that the book "They Cage The Animals At Night" is the best book ever because is well written and is very interesting to read about. I recommend you read it because is really interesting and you will fall in love with it while reading it. I hope you read it. :]

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Ms. Bentley said...

I am so glad that you like this book! Keep writing. I really enjoy reading your blog entries Carla.

-Ms. Bentley