Friday, December 19, 2008

My Surprise Party!

My best friends Heidi, Carolyn and Meily and Mr Ackerman made me a surprise party. I was so surprised. In the morning we went to Science and Spanish, everything was fine. The bell rang "RIIIINNGGGG", it was time for Math class. In math class we did all of our work and we played the 20 questions but at 4th period everything started to get weird. All my friends started to go to the bathroom and Ms. Sa my math teacher asked me to go to Ms. Wolk to help her with her library, so i did. When I was got to Ms. Wolk's classroom me and my friend Meily started to help her. "Ring ring ring" the phone rang. It was for me, they told me to go to Mr. Ackerman office so me and my friend Meily went. The lights were off I was curious. Why where they off I wondered? "SURPRISEEEEE!" all my friends and even my teachers screamed. I was about to cry of happiness. They all sang the Happy Birthday song to me, I was so glad. After that I opened the gifts my friends and teacher gave me, then we ate. It was my first surprise party in my life and I am really happy it was at CIS 339, the best school ever! PS. To all my friends and teachers that gave me a gift thanks a lot I appreciate it.

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mr. ackerman said...

I am glad that you were surprised and happy to help be a part of your first surprise party. You deserve it. Have a Merry Christmas.