Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sabotaged Christmas Eve!

At 9:00 the Christmas Eve party started. We and almost my whole family ate some food then we sat down and relaxed for a while. After relaxing for a while we danced some "Merengue and "Bachata". It was really fun. We danced for hours and hours. About 12:30 was when our party got sabotaged. "Something smells weird" my cousin Cindy said. My cousins' aunt opened the door and the hallway was full of smoke! "RUN, RUN THERE'S A FIRE!!!!" my cousins' aunt said. Everyone was going crazy. We all ran to the 1st floor and my mom told me to go to my uncle's house in the next building so a ran to the next building raining and without a jacket! I stayed at my uncle's house with my brothers and cousins while he called 911. The Firefighters came it was a relief for everyone. We went back home. Nobody knew what made the smoke and fire there were to many stories from different people. When I went back home safely I opened my presents and as I opened them I told my mom "This Christmas is the Worst!, I Hate it!". I hope my next Christmas is not bad like this one!


Heidi blog said...

I am so sorry for you.I see that your Christmas was worst then mines I was so bored the day of Christmas Eve.

mr. ackerman said...

Wow, a fire. I am glad that you are ok. It sounds like everything worked out in the end though. What kind of presents did you get?