Saturday, December 13, 2008

Parent Expo 7th Grade :]


I arrived to room 205. I was really nervous. It was the first one that had to present in my class. It was really cool because I acted like my teacher! I explained everything correctly and step by step. My parents were really proud of my effort and work I put onto my project I really liked that, it made me feel smart and special. I am really glad and satisfied of all the work I have done.

When I was watching my classmates present they show a lot of effort but they kind of struggle during explaining. I liked because they spoked clearly and they explained the steps with a lot of effort and understanding. I really liked to watch because my classmates took a lot of time working on their presentation and I think they did an awesome job!

When I was done presenting I felt scared because I thought the parents didn't actually liked my presentation but they did! They clapped for me I was so glad and relieved that I did a great job in front of all they awesome parents that payed attention all along I really appreciated that. I can not wait to the next Parent Expo and present again!

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