Thursday, January 29, 2009

♥My Life as a writer!

I Have Pass trough many experiences as a writer. When I was I the Dominican Republic I studied in Spanish in a normal and good school. I lived in the Dominican Republic for about 9 years. In first grade I learned how to write; I was an excellent student in writing class. The first things I learned was to write words, and small sentences, and also small paragraphs. Things changed when I moved to USA.

In December, 26 ,2006 I came to live to the USA. To write, was the fist thing I learned when I got here In USA. One normal day my teacher read a book to us in class and we had to write a book report. My teacher told me what the book was about in Spanish, but anyways I tried really hard and I wrote my report in English. When I was done, my teacher told me that my book report was GREAT!. I felt really proud of myself since I only knew a little bit of English. Things got easier as time passed by and I kept learning more and more! I am never giving up on improving on my reading and writing skills.

The whole school year was over, and I passed to the sixth grade. When the new school year stared my first writing class assignment was to write an Essay. My teacher taught me a lot of writing skills that would make school easier for me; some of them were: Make a list of topics you like in other words BRAINSTORM, Pre-Write, Edit and Revise and last when is all organized and that’s the way you wan tit to look you PLUBLISH IT! My writing and reading skills got easier the more I read and write.

In conclusion writing was easy and sometimes difficult to me. I really worked hard on my writing and reading skills with my teacher and classmates. My classmates really helped me in class group or when we had to discuss something from the lesson. I loved to write poetry, feature articles, reports,and of course Essays! I read the dictionary or thesaurus to find new words I could use when I had to write something. The only way writing was difficult to me was choosing a topic to write about and using new words. To find the new words was easy but having to spell them correctly and having to remember them was the hardest part. No matter what I am still going to do my best to improve more on my writing and reading skills to pass my NYC test and of course pass to the 8th grade . I wish people could be like me and work hard for a good and important future.

By : Carla Susana!♥

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mr. ackerman said...

You are really a great writer these days. Maybe you can be a professional one day.