Friday, January 16, 2009

Passed out


Its was third period when I pass out. I woke up. I was completely confused! I didn't know anything for a second. The teachers came in and put me up. I was really nervous and confused. They called my daddy and then called 911. The paramedics put oxygen and asked me some questions. After about 10 minutes my dad arrived. When my dad arrived I left to the hospital.
There was where it all started.

Arriving At The Hospital

I arrived to the Bronx Lebanon. I hate that hospital. When went in the nurse took my blood pressure, they used a stethoscope to see how my heart was pumping. After that I waited like for 30 minutes to go in a room and check my health status. After 30 minutes I went in a small room. The nurse checked me and asked me what was the problem. I told her then she took my father out to asked me personal questions. After that The nurses did some exams. First was an Electrocardiogram. I wait for about 2 whole hours for the results they were normal, thanks god. Then they did an X-ray and Urine exam they were alright, all normal. After that I went home so happy! Everything was alright and I was very healthy! Now I just need to eat in the morning and i will be okay!

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mr. ackerman said...

Hi Carla,

I can only imagine how scary this situation was for you. I was worried all day after you left. I was relieved when I got a chance to speak with you on the phone to learn that you were going to be fine. I guess breakfast is really the most important meal of the day.

Mr. Ackerman