Friday, February 27, 2009

The Bronx Masquerade character that I relate to the most. (Center 1)

In literacy class we are reading a book called "Bronx Masquerade." This book is about high school students that have some kind of problems and they make a poem about it. We have "met" thirteen characters. I love this book because is about kids that express their feelings with poetry. I love this book I dislike nothing about this book. I relate the most to Raul Ramirez.

The things I have in common with Raul Ramirez is that
I love to paint and when I came to this country I didn't know that much English so people teased me but when they found out I did knew some English they stop teasing me. That's similar to what happened to him. He is my favorite character because I can relate to him and we have many things in common. The most similar is that we used to be teased for not knowing a language and we like to paint, we wanna be artists. He experiences Person Vs. Person and Person Vs. Self. He is being teased by other people and Person Vs. Self because he won't help himself taking stuff from other people, specially money.

The character I was related the least is Lupe Algarin because she wants to be a mother at an early age and I am totally away from that. The character I dislike the most is Tyrone Bittings because he always got something to say and I hate people that likes to judge people. If I could make my own character to make the book more interesting my character will be a girl. That girl will have family problems and she makes a lot of poetry to fight her feelings and express the way she feels. This girl's parents don't love her and don't appreciate having her in their life so her aunt has take care of her.

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