Monday, March 9, 2009

All my Poems!

My Sad Kitten
My sad little kitten, Kathy, won't stop crying
she only goes "waaaa!" "waaaa!"
Come on little kitten stop crying.
My black kitten is coal,
that cries like a baby begging for food.
Please Kitten Stop the Crying because
My ears had enough.

(A) Her name is Marla
(A) She always hangout with Carla
(B) Carla and Marla went to the moon
(B) Pop! They traveled around with balloons
(A) The
Cool and Crazy Carla and Marla.

(2)The Moon
(4)Moon, light at night
(6)So Shiny like the sun
(8)Beautiful sphere that shines at night,
(2)The Moon.

There once was a girl from France
She loved to do the belly dance
The girl and friend went to Paris
And met a boy named Harris
At a party the three of them went to dance!

There was a new teacher from the moon
Who didn't eat her soup with a spoon
The Principal came in and danced like crazy
And said "Everyone dance including daizy"

Then the teacher said : "Let's all go to the moon and eat some soup but with no spoon!"

White, Rice

White Like The Snow
White Rice Is My Best Friend
Rice Ready To Eat with some beans
Tasty Rice.

The Best Hobby!

Dance Around Like
The Wind Trying to Blow
The Leafs. Dancing Around Is Life
So Dance.

Racism Wave.
Racism, Racism, Racism
A word that shouldn't exist.
Racism is like a strong wave that pushes colored people away.
White people are the Waves.
And colored people are pushed away.
Is not about Color
Is who You are
Racism is the most hated thing.
Racism is like The things I hate.
The Racism wave should be pushed away
Instead Of it pushing us away.


Bang! the door closed,
You left me with only a good-bye
Tears fell and slide down my face
like if it was a water slide at the park
It has only been 1 minute and
I already miss you
I just wish the words
Good & Bye
Were never said.

Dominican Pride
Beautiful Beaches, Splash!
Amazing Smell of trees in the Morning
and Our flag
Red For Blood
Blue For Liberty
and White is a symbol of sacrifice.
Is just where I Am from
I am proud of being Dominicana!

Pretty Pamela Pimentel
went to Wisconsin and walked to the warehouse.
Pretty Pamela Pimentel
Storaged her goods there was
nothing interesting to do
so she went back to South Carolina!

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