Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Flo/wers Come Out, (5)
The leafs on the trees and the (7)
Fra/grance of the grass. (5)

Round Coo/kies in my (5)
Pink plate, you can smell the (7)
great coo/kies from far. (5)

My pu/ppy barks, bark! (5)
His cute pu/ppy face at/tracts (7)
every/one at the park. (5)

•Spring is coming•
Li/ttle Bu/tter/fly
loo/king o/ver the
my sea/son co/ming.

•Nature and Animals•
Tweet Tweet go the birds
Ducks swim/ming in the ri/ver
Squir/rels clim/bing trees.

Crisp sheets smell like rain
Newspaper around outside my door
home away from home.

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