Monday, March 23, 2009

My Poems

Small, Smart, Cute, and Friendly
Sibling of Pamela and Luis
Lover of Puppies
Who fears of rats
Who needs her friends that she loves
Who gives love
Who would like to see my grandparents
Resident of Bronx, New York


Blue Bird
I am a bird
I can fly in the Sky
I can sing with passion and sweetly


The last day of school
It is time to say Good-Bye
My tears fell, Miss you.

Hello Spring:

Good-bye, snow .
Good-bye, breeze days .
Good-bye, winter.
Spring's ahead!

Good-bye, heavy clothes .
Good-bye, pretty coat .
Good-bye, winter.
Spring, hello!

Hello, flowers .
Hello, trees .
Good-bye, winter.
Spring's in sight!

Hello, singing birds .
Hello, warm days .
Good-bye, winter!
Hello, spring!

There once was a Princess named Sid.
Who ate squid.
But the fishes were happy,
To be loosing the squids so unhappy.
They were sad the princess had to leave,we hate you Sid!

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