Friday, April 24, 2009

How name-calling affects people.

Name calling is a very powerful language. People call names to each other because they have nothing to do and they want to be mean. I never call people names only when I am playing around with my friend because they know that I am kidding, I will never do that to hurt somebody because I know how it feels. I think about calling somebody a name because I know how it feels and it is not a good feeling. I often see my friend calling each other name just to mess around but sometimes people take it serious and there is were the fights begin. Some students call each other gay just for crazy reasons that don't even relate to the word gay. When people are teased I know they feel really bad because it is not easy for someone to be teasing you about the way people see you.
In the book "monster" Petrocelli calls Steve a "Monster" because his actions are similar to monsters in movies. I don't use metaphors or any type of thing to call names because people feel bad about it and I know how it feels. In the book monster Steve feels real bad about being called a monster because it is a very strong word that makes you feel bad. I think he feels like a monster after what he did. I think he is a monster because even though it makes him feel bad he shouldn't have done what he did. I think he is guilty because of the ways he acts and speaks.

I think the jury sees Steve as monster because what he did was horrifying like a monster. If I was on the jury I would totally support that he is a monster because murdering and robbery is very horrifying like a monster. Steve titled the book "monster" because that is what the lady prosecutor called him: "MONSTER".