Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Angela's Ashes Reflection :'(

In the movie Angela's Ashes the characters suffer through poverty, they have nothing to eat, they kids get sick and died, and many other things. The little babies kept getting sick because their body didn't have the nutrients out body needs so they got sick quick and died. If I were their mother I would have done things differently to make them live a better life, I will get a job, I wouldn't drink or smoke, I will use that money to give my children food. The mother married the wrong man. Her husband is a alcoholic bum, that keeps getting the mother pregnant and he doesn't even attempt to give them any healthy food or a better life.

This family lives under this conditions because of having too many kids to take care and for smoking and drinking when they can use that money to take care of their children. The things that can help this family is getting money/a job and also STOP DRINKING and STOP SMOKING. I don't know any one that lives under these conditions, I am very thankful about that. I think poverty in Ireland is worser than here in America because here people can get help from others and people are not that poor here because they get jobs and education.

Poverty is very different in Ireland and America. Here we get a lot of help and things are easier because here you can actually succeed and get an education, but there they just beat you up in school. The advice I will give this family is to think about their children and stop smoking and drinking and if you are addicted ask for help.

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