Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I feel Steve is innocent because everything he says makes me think he is innocent. I think Steve wasn't actually a look out he was just there because if someone came they will blame it on him. It happened at night and only King, "Bobo", and the other guys the were going to split the money to were the look out I think Steve was not involved. I do not think Steve know Bobo because Bobo Barely knew his name. He is king and Osvaldo's friend because he wants to be cool is being peer pressured.

Friend can change us just by influencing us to do what they do. Steve was influenced by hanging out with them they changed Steve. I have never been influenced by my friends I have always being a good and smart little girl. Is important to choose friend wisely because you can choose the wrong friends and they can change you and make you who you are not. I think O' Brien feels really disappointed because Steve chose the wrong friends.

I believe
Steve is being negatively influenced by his friends. Steve does not have many things in common with his friends only like, Steve and King are on trial, They are mean, in court, Black, Hispanic, etc. Steve want to be like James king just to be cool and fit in.

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