Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why Do I have to think about Career Day Now?

I am thinking about careers right now because I want to be successful in the future. It is important because I want to be a professional and if I start now I will be more prepared in the future. This project is going to help me a lot because is going to make think about the future a lot. I am going to be finding facts about the careers I like this will help me understand why and how I will work when I become a professional.

I have thought about my future but not that much. I keep changing my mind on the things I like, so is like crazy! Thanks to my teacher, Ms. Sa, I am learning a lot of things about myself like the careers I like and the things I love to do like, Math, Technology, and Science(Animal Care). I appreciate my teacher Ms. Sa because she is helping me and my friends think about our futures and becoming professionals.

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